During 2010, the NC agency branched out from HUHFY and developed a Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency (CABHA) under the name of FOCUS Behavioral Health Services, LLC. Through the North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services, FOCUS met all requirements to achieve the CABHA status. With this certification FOCUS has developed and continue to develop a full continuum of care for children and their families.

FOCUS works closely with community stake-holders, including; primary care physicians, DSS, DJJDP, Guardian Ad Litem, public school system, LME, and other mental health agencies to ensure that all care given to consumers and their families is as integrated and comprehensive as feasibly possible.

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Hand Up Homes For Youth Locations

Northern Nevada

North Carolina


Our residential facility serves at-risk adolescent males with a history of sexualized behaviors.  Our home-like setting provides intensive clinical and experiential services for youth and their families including psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR), basic skills training (BST), individual therapy, offense specific group therapy, family therapy, family night, equine assisted therapy, on-site state approved academics, and child and family team meetings.  With our small size and family-style setting, we are able to offer individualized treatment to clients with a wide-variety of needs, including developmental delays, severe emotional disturbance (SED), and behavioral management issues. Our program follows a cognitive-behavior model approach developed by our company’s licensed professionals.   Our model works a 5-phase treatment program that focuses on helping youth develop tools to assist them with learning how to connect their feelings to their actions.  Families of the youth are involved in the treatment process through monthly family sessions, multi-disciplinary team meetings, weekly visitation, and monthly family night.


Also lending to our program’s success are our experiential learning programs with outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and equine assisted learning.  Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is an experiential challenge activity with horses and youth, where the horses are free to express their personalities and reactions in relation to human interaction in an arena.  The goals of this learning method are to facilitate an environment for increased self-awareness, empathy, communication, problem solving, emotional regulation, attention and social skills.  This is not a mounted program.  Many clients who struggle with traditional styles of learning can make astounding breakthroughs by working experientially with animals.


  • We accept referrals through the court system, probation, parole, and DSS
  • Prior to accepting clients we review information concerning their history to ensure appropriateness for our program. 
  • We require a Psychiatric Evaluation and Sexual Offense Specific Evaluation/Risk Assessment during the referral process
  • If a youth has sexual behavior problems and needs out-of-home placement, he is likely appropriate for our program.


  • We have an on-grounds school and integrate our treatment and programming into the school just as we do the milieu.
  • Our school is licensed by the Washoe County School District
  • Some of our kids are behind their grade level when entering our program and most are able to catch up when exiting our program.


  • Average length of stay is 12-18 months
  • We transition clients to independent living programs, foster homes, or home with family depending on client readiness and appropriateness of placement.
  • We transition to appropriate after care providers in the area for relapse prevention and continued treatment.